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Kacy Johnson is a visual artist. Born in the United States, she explores the realities of women in cultures both similar to and far from her own by creating photos, audio recordings, and mixed media interventions, asking women themselves to become creators of the story that will be told about them.

Her project, FEMALE, took shape in 2013 while she lived in Brazil. FEMALE attempts to look beyond the majority of female representations in modern society by creating portraits of women from an unseen perspective, the exposed back, a part of their body that is more often visible to others than to themselves. Authentic, anonymous and honest, these portraits are a way to understand and express the reality of women from around the world, and to take into account the similarities and differences between the living conditions of women in different parts of the world, finding what connects them universally.

Kacy studied journalism and documentary arts at the University of Chapel Hill at North Carolina and the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. She is currently living in Detroit.





San Francisco, CA