Light Sessions

Harmonious. Blissful. Powerful. Infinite.

It's time for you to be seen exactly as you are.

Light Sessions are soul-centered. light-guided portrait sessions that help women reconnect with their inner light.

Light Session portraits are unique and wonderful tools that can help you:

- Discover where you may need balance or clarity

- Provide insight that can help with personal empowerment

- Rethink parts of your life and write your next chapter

- Help you to expand on your divinity

My goal is to help you to become the best, most magical version of yourself possible. I combine my intuitive and artistic skills to guide you to step into your authentic light so that you can recognize your radiance and be your most magical self.


What to expect:

Before your session, I will ask you a few questions, either by email or during a short phone call. Your answers will help me to tune into exactly where you are in your life and understand how I can create Light Session that will speak to you. Together, we will choose a location for your session that resonates with you. Often, it's great to leave some of the decisions about a place up to chance. We can choose a nice park or space on the beach to meet and from there we can explore together until we find a space and light that speaks to you. You can also choose to have your session indoors at my studio, your home or another place that feels special and comfortable to you. I will guide you through the session, being completely present with you and allowing your inner light to shine through. The sessions typically take 60-90 minutes. Within 2-4 weeks, you will receive one of a kind printed 8-10" fine art print of your portrait along with my reading of the light and other elements in the photo. I will also give you a link to a digital library of 7-10 additional images that you can download for your personal use.


Each portrait is designed to resonate with just that individual and to be used as a reminder of her soul's beauty and character. Light Sessions are wonderful tools for times of transition and exploration. Some women also choose to commission yearly portraits around their birthdays as visual reminders and tools to honor their journeys and progress.


Rising Light Sessions:

Golden early morning light of a new day,

Light all around you that reminds you of your oneness with the universe that is beyond identity, body and words.

Rising Light Sessions are perfect for women entering a new stage of life, beginning a new project, seeking guidance or searching for greater understanding.


Falling Light Sessions:

Sun is falling in the sky. Shadows begin to feel blue as light drapes more selectively.

Things that no longer serve you are crumbling. It happens for us, to push us forward and help us grow, But it's not easy. We have to face the shadows, accept our struggles and choose to connect with our inner light. Moving through shadow can be hard, but it's worth it in the end.

Falling Light Sessions reveal the raw parts that we often feel that we need to conceal.

This is not about being perfect. It's about being real. When we are connected to the light within us, we are connected to the light of the Universe.

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